Vanmail Email Service. Get access to your email.

Vanmail Email Service. To access your email, you can decide to collect email through the website, you only need to subscribe to the website so that you can access your email from any computer connected to the Internet in the world. The advantage of receiving mail through a website such as Vanmail is its flexibility. You do not need to install more software on your computer, and you enjoy complete freedom of movement. Regardless of whether you travel or not, you can access the same features as in Thunderbird, Incredimail, Messenger or Outlook Express 6. For example, we will use the Vanmail website to create an address, use this tool to collect our email and using the various services offered.

Here are the steps to register: 

  1. You click on the link “I am subscribed” at the bottom of the page, since you are not yet subscribed. 
  2. If you are working on a public computer, remove the “stay in touch” hook by clicking on it. 
  3. Then you must fill out the form, indicating the requested information (name, surname, gender, date of birth, country, zip code). 
  4. Vanmail must offer one or more available addresses. Choose the one that suits you, or write the name of the Vanmail account that will be your username. If this name is already in use by someone else, Vanmail will offer you something else. 
  5. Enter the password twice (which you must remember: write it down). 
  6. You fill in the secondary address field if you have a different email address. 
  7. Two security questions are used to reset your password if you forget it. 
  8. The code to be reproduced is used to verify the authenticity of your registration. 
  9. Remember to confirm that your account is activated.

Competitive email service. On websites, as in email software, the first page that appears is the home page of the website or software. This one will offer you various options, and you will have to choose among what will be offered to you. On the website we present you a page of general interest. You must click on the “Email” button to access your main email page. Then you must enter your username and password. I recommend that you do not check Remember Me or Stay Connected, especially in public places.

In the left column are “Inbox” and various subsections, the “Contacts” section, which contains the address book to fill in, and the “Folders” section, where you can create folders. Pay attention to the Drafts, Sent Items, Spam, and Trash sections. Let’s take a closer look. Drafts. A draft is a message that was not sent and was saved by clicking the “Save as draft” button. This way, you don’t need to end your email if you are worried or want to postpone sending email. “Sent messages”. The list in this section ensures that these emails have been sent. However, she does not assure you that they came to the right address. Therefore, make sure your correspondents have received your messages requesting confirmation of receipt.

Spam. Emails that your email service does not identify as your regular correspondents are often sent to this section automatically. Beware of these letters, but do not delete them systematically without checking to see if they are a new correspondent.

“Basket”. Deleted emails are sent to the trash. To eliminate them forever, you must clean your garbage. In the right column is a welcome page showing the number of unread messages. If you want to read your messages, left-click on “Inbox” and your messages will appear instead of information. You click on a message to read it. You can then delete it, reply to it, or forward it.

You can create an address book, as with all email sites. On Vanmail, this is the Contact space. Just click “Add” to add the coordinates. When you add contacts, you can also add categories to collect contacts and be able to send grouped messages, that is, to several people at the same time. To do this, you create your categories by clicking the “Add Category” button. If you want to assign a category to a contact, you open the contact profile and click the “Add category” or “Change categories” button. You can select more than one category.