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Arrow & Adafruit Back-to-School Kits

Arrow and Adafruit Industries are collaborating to bring you three kits designed for students as well as life-long learners. Choose the skill level you want and start exploring a new world of embedded electronics.,,,, , ,,,, , ,,,, grandma

Fun things you can do at college


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A competitive email service leads to loyal customers, and increased sales of additional services. Vanmail Email Service with a feature-set that is competitive with other popular email services. Vanmail Email Services provides solid reliability and excellent deliverability, along with a feature-rich webmail applications.

High performance, low-cost email service tailored specifically for the needs of people who rely on their e-mails to be secure and reliable.  Email Service features

·        Industry-standard POP3, IMAP, WAP (mobile) and Webmail access.

·        Fully-localized Webmail in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

·        Complete spam and virus protection for both inbound and outbound mail to protect your customers from threats.

·        5GB of storage with the ability to send large attachments thanks to a generous 35MB message size allowance.

·        For more information contact carl @ or call 604 688 5959 for a human.

Send me an e-mail and tell me what e-mail you want and your password

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